African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Forum is a trusted gathering place for leaders. Its main objective is bringing leaders from government, media, business, churches and academia together to reflect and deliberate on the role of the Bible in positive transformation of the culture. High profile speakers and delegates help the forum position itself as a trusted voice. The envisaged outcome of such a transformation is fostering integrity in public office, promoting social harmony and strengthening a culture of mentorship to equip and raise the next generation of leaders.

ABLI also enhances the mission of the hosting Bible Society by:

o Promoting the Bible and its values in the wider public conversation.

o Enhancing the profile of the hosting Bible Society in the public space.

o Preparing the culture for Bible work.


The ABLI Forum was born in 2010 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the context of the African Union Prayer Breakfast. As the headquarters of the African Union, ABLI’s birth in, and evolution from, Addis Ababa has a symbolic significance. However, ABLI was not meant to be anchored in one geographical and cultural location. It is rather designed in such a way that it moves from one place to another on a yearly basis and makes impact in different contexts. Hence, ABLI 2012 took place in Kampala, Uganda, which was followed by Ghana in 2014. In the following years, ABLI was hosted in Malawi in 2015, Kenya in 2016, Cameroon in 2017, eSwatini (former Swaziland) in 2018.

However, it is a mistake to take ABLI as an event. ABLI is a movement that needs to have a lasting impact on the hosting nation. Examples are the local iterations which took a life of their own on the back of the main forum. Ethiopia has its own local version – Ethiopian Biblical Leadership Initiative (EBLI). It conducts workshops and training for leaders in different sectors of society (i.e. government, church, civic organisations, etc.). Ghana has spread its version even deeper to its provinces and grassroots. The event take place several times a year. There is also a thriving youth mentorship programme in Kenya.

After ABLI Uganda 2022, The Bible Society of Uganda is looking forward to begin a youth mentorship program and start up a Youth Leadership Academy that will equip leaders with Biblical Leadership and as well get awards from highly recognised Universities.