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Ugandan Bible

Welcome to the Ugandan Bible Website.


Welcome to Ugandan Bible site! According to the ethnologue,the number of individual languages listed for Uganda is 43. All are living languages. Of these, 41 are indigenous and 2 are non-indigenous. Furthermore, 5 are institutional, 27 are developing, 7 are vigorous, 2 are in trouble, and 2 are dying. At the moment, 20 languages in Uganda have a Bible translation, and we are still working to see that all the listed 43 have a translation in their own language.


The Bible Society of Uganda

The Bible Society of Uganda

Bible House, Plot 38 Bombo Road, Kampala
PO Box 3621 Kampala
Tel: +256414251165
E-mail: info@biblesociety-kenya.org
Website: www.biblesociety-uganda.org

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